Verified VIN: Ensure Accuracy with Our Expert VIN Check

Get your VIN checked and corrected for free, and pay your HVUT tax using a credit or debit card

Are you looking to get your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) checked and corrected at no additional cost? Look no further than Simple Form 2290! We understand that getting your VIN checked and corrected can be an arduous task and so we provide a free service that allows you to get your VIN checked and correct within a few easy steps. 

Not only does our website offer free VIN correction, but we also allow you to pay your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax (HVUT) via credit or debit cards. For only $6.95, you can pay your HVUT tax with the lowest fees in the USA. If you are filing for more than one truck, our fees are incredibly cost-effective, with an additional fee of $5.00 for up to 6 trucks, $49.00 for 7-49 trucks, and $99.00 for 50-149 trucks. For more than 150 trucks, the fee is only $150.00. 

Our dedicated customer support team is available in English and Spanish to help you every step of the way. You can reach us via phone at 510-474-1376 (English) or 224-215-5888 (Spanish), or via email at Visit our website at today and get your VIN checked and corrected for free!

In conclusion, we have seen that it is essential to get your VIN checked and corrected before filing your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, or HVUT. With, you can pay your HVUT tax with a debit or credit card quickly and conveniently, at the low cost of only $6.95 per filing—the lowest fee in the United States! If you are filing your VIN today, don’t wait any longer, and visit to take advantage of this great deal.

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